Friday, August 6, 2010

To Cockerina and Joy

To Joy: Yes, I would love to have you use my furniture for your dolls on your site, how cool! And so nice that you would do that. Thank you!!

To Cockerina, how to keep what from filling? And the buttons, first I have 3 layers of a compact type of quilt batting in the back, Thermolam Plus, I glue the first layer down and poke and glue it into the holes drilled into the back. The next 2 layers I cut a little out at the holes. Next lay the fabric on, don't glue it down yet. Needles and thread time, sew in and out of the holes to keep them down. You want firm, don't go crazy, you could rip the fabric. Then you can glue the fabric down. Now for the buttons, I glue the fabric to card stock, let dry. I punch out a circle from that. I use a round ball stylus and press into the center of the circle, the circle on 2 layers of craft foam, something it can sink into. Then I glue the "button" into the dimple. It took a lot of trial and errors, and my older furniture isn't done this way, but now I think I have it.

I have a pair of chairs to do for a miniaturist in Australia, when done I will put the ottoman project up. . . . . .TTYL Kris


  1. seems to be a lot of work and patience, given the size of the buttons ... I do not think I'll try anything, is too difficult for me now! ha ha!
    thanks for the reply, Kris, not all "large" thumbnails reveal their secrets, I admire you for the generosity of information to teach us your art!
    me content to admire your art and I am amazed each time by so much talent! Congratulations again and kisses!

  2. Oh Thank you so much Kris :) I'll send you a message through Cdhm now xxxxxxx