Tuesday, September 6, 2022

 I am cleaning out my little drawers of stuff and the bigger stuff. 

I am going to ship this stuff "Priority" US Mail.

My contact e-mail address is camceiling@frontiernet.net


I am going to empty out my boxes of blog projects, the samples.  Some of them are all ready gone but I still have a lot left.



"Halloween Box"



"Halloween Box"



Thank you to all that bought the boxes of mini stuff!

All I have left is the Halloween Box above.


I will be photographing and posting pictures of my what's left of my china, pottery and other tiny stuff.

I will also be selling the samples from the blog.

Keep an eye out for them.


Monday, June 6, 2022


As some of you know I am not making kits for Hobby Builders anymore.  They contacted me about licensing them but have not gotten back with me.

What this post is about is seeing if I get any responses back. 

I have a plan to sell my books, magazines and supplies to miniaturists.  I don't live around anyone with this hobby.  I thought this would be the most direct way.


I will only sell to U.S. mini people to keep this simple. 

I will post a picture and price and hopefully the cost of shipping, too.  I have a PayPal account and will do business through that.

Let's see how this goes . . . .  Kris