Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soooo Tired

Hi Guys, I am so tired, all I have been doing is sleeping and trying to get e-mails out. Katie walks just about everywhere and very fast, I can't blame her she learned from me. As soon as the kids started walking that's what they did, no carriages or strollers. But now I need a stroller! She keeps in shape with all that walking, I should do more.

I've finished a customized Farm Wing for a miniaturist in England.

Customized, my patterns, your fabric or your choice of fabric.

I also have a Santa chair finished for this Christmas season.

Do you see the rug under the Farm Wing? It's a "cheater" rug using the suede paper from You can't tell it's not a braided rug unless you reach out and touch it.



  1. I love the Farm Wing, Kris! Damn, that colour is pretty, and the rug is simply fabulous. I certainly can't tell that it's not braided. I've finally got a real home for the Queen Anne settee you built me, and I'm almost ready for another, slightly different piece ... Oh, and the Santa chair? Perfect! (I like the idea of Gothic Santa, too :)

  2. Oh Kris I love the Settee and I'm so pleased it's mine :) Thank you so much ♥

    The rug is amazing. I would never have guessed it was made out of suede paper. xxx

  3. Hello Kris, my daughter (20 months) has learned to walk immediately and without aid: I'm proud
    but now I just slapped her in the box because she is exhausted me!
    Fortunately, it seems that she is sleeping ...
    Your works (all!) are: WOW!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  4. ¡Preciosa tapiceria! Enhorabuena
    Besos Clara.

  5. Perfectos y especiales . La tecnica del tapizado impecable. Mariajo