Thursday, August 19, 2010

P.S.S. on Piping Project

I was making piping today and I thought, "Did I say in the directions that piping does not work on all fabrics?" I have added these thoughts at the bottom of the piping project. Piping does not work on all fabrics, you just have to try the fabric out to see if the fabric works. Another thought, sometimes when you are rolling the piping to finish it, try rolling towards you or away from you, which ever is comfortable, to keep the piping from twisting. You can't keep it from twisting. I wish I didn't have to roll it, but after I have pressed it into the glue to seal and then cut it off from the rest of the fabric, the piping can be flat and it has a little edge of fabric left from where the scissors didn't get all of the fabric. As I said, I did add this to the bottom of the project just in case someone runs across it later on. TTYL Kris