Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cooker or Stove

When I was reading the British version of "Country Home" I noticed that stoves were used for heating, so you all call what you cook on a "cooker". Hmmm, sounds logical. You call them "cookers" even if they are the electric or gas turn on/turn off type? We call what we cook on a stove and we can have a stove to heat with, too, but they are not the same thing, confusing. I love reading all about it. I'm a nut on information, not anything useful mind you, just nosy I suppose. Thanks for answering my questions. Now I have another, when I watch the imported British T.V. shows I see small refrigerators, under the counter. Is this typical?


  1. One of my English friends said that small fridges are common. :)

    Re cookers, out here (Aus) it seems a stove is the 'normal' 2 feet wide upright oven with 4 burners on top, while a cooker is wider, often with 2 or more ovens and more prestigious (and I will be cynical) often seen in designer homes where cooking isn't really at the top of the priorities, although I do know people who love to cook and have one (and a lot more superb cooks who manage with the basic oven!)

  2. Yes, small fridges are common. We often call the tall double wide ones American fridges.

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