Sunday, August 8, 2010

Part Two, Ottoman with "leather"

We are now to Part Two.
I used Aleene's No-Sew to glue the fabric up onto the foam core of the base, but any tacky will do. I use glue stick to glue fabric to the card stock.

Trim off the corners, do you see the little triangles on the table?

Now cut the card stock for the side of the ottoman. This strip is 11/16 inch wide.
This would change if you change the thickness of the fabric. If the fabric is thicker the strip would be thinner. It's all in dry fitting and trial and error. I've made a lot of furniture that ended up in the trash.
Cut the strip long enough to go around the ottoman.

Dry fit the strip to meet in the mddle at a long side of the ottoman.

Aren't my hands just terrible?

Cut a strip of fabric 1/4" larger all around the card stock strip.
With the "leather" you can use an exacto knife to cut it.

Use glue stick on the card stock to glue the fabric to it.

Clip the corners and glue up using the tacky, 1 long side and the short sides.

Spread the tacky glue onto the sides of the ottoman and glue on the fabric covered card stock.

Be careful not to stretch the strip, you could make it too long, just want the ends to meet.

Clip out the corners and glue the extra fabric down to the top.

End of Part Two!