Tuesday, October 16, 2018

1 INCH SCALE ONION/POTATO BIN MADE FROM MAT BOARD - How to make a 1 inch scale dollhouse onion/potato bin from mat board.


I saw this in a accent furniture catalog (full-size) and thought I would like to make it.  I've made this out of mat board this time to give more of you a chance to make it.

I've used the same wire mesh and wooden knobs that I used on the hanging cabinet from the September post.  Check back there for the information on were to get those supplies.

Use yellow carpenters glue to glue this cabinet together.

You will cut four sides 5 5/8" long and 1 1/4" wide.

I used my oval template (50 degree oval, 7/8", .875 size) to trace a leg design.

I've cut my back also at 5 5/8" long.

The width of the back is 1 3/8".  When you cut this width also cut a strip for the shelves, drawer fronts and the top of the cabinet 1 3/8" wide.
This can be in pieces of 7" (shelves), 10" (drawer fronts) and 5" (top).  Mark these pieces.

I've cut all the legs at the bottom of the sides.

If I were making this from wood I would cut two sides from 1/16" thick basswood and build the frame from 1/16" strips.
We are doing this in mat board so we are just going to cut holes from the second layer of mat board.
Measure from the bottom 1/2" up and 1/4" from the sides and top.  Draw a 1/4" "rail" in the middle.

Put a knew blade in your craft knife and start with light cuts at first.

Cut out the holes and glue, using yellow carpenters glue, the two layers together.

Make sure all of your edges are even.

Glue the sides to the side edges of the back.

Walk away.  Please leave this to dry.

From the mat board that you cut extra at 1 3/8" width cut four shelves.  The shelves are 1 3/16" deep.

I've cut  foam core 1/2" wide to place under the first shelf to make sure it's even.  Glue the shelf in.

Let the glue set a bit and remove the foam core so it doesn't get glued, too.

On to the second shelf.  I've cut foam core 1 1/8" wide and placed it on the first shelf to glue the second shelf in.

Let the glue set a bit and remove the foam core.

Use the same foam core for the third shelf.

The last spacer is cut at 1 1/4" wide.

Glue the last shelf in.

Let this assembly dry a bit.

Get the mat board that you cut for the top of the cabinet.  It was cut 1 3/8" wide, now cut the length 1 7/8".  Cut two pieces.

Glue the two pieces together.

Glue the top onto the cabinet.

The sides and front are 1/8" over and the back is flush the the rest of the cabinet.

I am measuring for the height of the drawer front.  You have mat board cut to the width.

I cut my drawer fronts 1 1/8" high so that they will slide nicely after painting.

Cut six pieces.

This is a picture of the package of wire mesh I will be using to put into the front of each drawer.

The September blog has information on this product.

Measure 1/4" from all edges on four of the fronts.

Measure 1/8" from all edges on two of the fronts.

Cut out the holes.

This picture shows each drawer front.

Glue the narrower frame to one larger frame.

Place the wire mesh into the  frame and glue the other large frame onto this assembly.

Both drawer fronts are finished.

Let's do something about the rough cut edges.

We are going to veneer the cut edges with card stock.

Cut a few pieces of card stock 1/8" and 1/16" wide.

Glue the 1/8" card stock onto the top's edges.

Glue the 1/16" card stock onto the front of the shelves.

Glue the 1/8" card stock on the side's front edges.

Looks a lot better.


Measure the height of the drawer front for cutting the sides of the drawers.

Measure the depth of the drawer MINUS the thickness of the drawer front, 3/16".

This measurement is for the sides and bottom.

I cut mine a fat 1".

I marked the top so gluing would go a bit smoother.

While you are at this measurement cut a strip at least 6" long for the drawer bottoms.

I am measuring for the width of the bottom and back of the drawer.

Get your strip for the drawer bottom and cut the width, mine is 1 1/4".

Cut four bottoms and two backs.  Set the backs aside.

Glue two  bottoms together for each bottom.

The drawer pieces are not glued, yet, just setting there.

I am now measuring for the height of the back.

You cut mat board earlier for the back.  Cut the backs of the drawers, I've cut mine at 1" high.

After all  of that measuring you are ready to glue the drawer together.

Glue the front to the bottom, center the front with room for the two sides to be glued on.

Glue the sides to the back of the front and to side edges of the bottom.

Glue the back between the sides and on top of the bottom.

Here the drawers all glued up.

Leave them to dry.  You may need to sand them a bit for them to slide neatly in and out of the drawer space.

Measure and drill a hole for your knob.


The onion/potato is ready for a few coats of paint.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with mine so I will set it aside for later.

I would like to see some finished pictures of this for the Follower's Gallery.

Have fun, Expand on it, Make it better . . . 

Just keep making minis!!

Talk to you later, Kris

Saturday, October 6, 2018

A note from 1 inch minis.

Hello Followers,

First of all I would like to remind all of you if you have any questions you may email me at the address in the top left side of the blog, Welcome Mini Folk.  If you ask a question in the comment section I usually can't find a way to contact you.  Please use the email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

So, Frank G. I thought your question was a good one and I couldn't find a way to just contact you so here goes:  IF I get asked if a certain tutorial can be made and sold, such as the paper baskets I have given my permission.  I have seen my things for sale without credit to the blog.  It's disappointing because on the whole miniaturists are generous people, my followers certainly are.  You've helped me out more times than I can count, especially when it comes to the blasted computer that keeps us all in contact.

I want to thank every one of you that have taken the time to email asking me if you can use the tutorial for a club project, change the scale, make several and give away at club meetings, make for a gift exchange and yes, to sell.  Please ask, all that I ask in return is that you give the blog credit and spread the word.

Have fun, Expand on it, Make it better . . .