Friday, August 23, 2019

Hello everyone,

I've been out of town helping my daughter and her family while she recovers from knee surgery.

I have an order from Hobby Builders for the new kits that will be in the new Holiday Catalog, so I will need to fill that.

I will get the new tutorial up soon.

I the mean time I really want to show you a picture that Linda sent me.  She purchased the Estate Chair kit and blew me away with the results.  It looks like she used a suede cloth for the upholstery, it is so beautifully done I had to show you all.

Good Job, Linda!

I am excited about the new kits, so I will show you their pictures.  You will have to wait until Hobby Builders puts them into the catalog, though!

The Abby Chair

The Abby Sofa

The Priscilla Chaise

I will get to the blog as soon as I can!!!