Friday, November 19, 2010

Lamp Shade, Part 3

Part 3

Cut your fabric on the bias. The bias has more stretch. We are going to cover the shade in one piece of fabric.

Start with your shade in the middle of the triangle, on the wrong side of the fabric. Apply the glue to one pattern shape. Smear the glue out, leave no thick places of glue, a nice even and thin layer of glue. Smear the glue so that you think it is almost dry.

Press the fabric into the glue and smooth out the fabric.

Apply glue to the next pattern shape. Be careful not to get glue onto the fabric, but be sure to smear the glue right up to the fabric. Pull the fabric over and smooth it down onto the glue.
Go to the pattern shape on the other side of where you started and apply glue, smoothing it out until it is almost dry. Stretch and press the fabric onto the glue.

Now, you have 3 pattern shapes with fabric glued to them.

Keep alternating the shapes back and forth until you have 1 pattern shape left.

I want you to trim the fabric at the top and bottom of the shade, not the final trimming, just take some of the extra fabric off.

Trim off one side of the fabric to the middle of the last pattern shape and glue it down.

Trim off the other side to overlap the glued down end. Glue this last bit down. I know this is a raw edge and if you want to try to turn a hem in it before gluing, go ahead but my shade is going against a wall!

Trim the extra top fabric to the length of the top lip and glue down.

End of Part 3