Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caterina, I am looking and nothing is in it yet. This would be so great if you could read the blog in your language. Kris


  1. Kris you have a little patience, I have already sent back my mail ... after all, America is far from here ... ah ah!
    try looking in the spam folder of your mail ... my address is

    code translator that I sent to you, it applies to all languages, including Italian!

  2. I now have to go away, but I'm going back this evening, Italian time, to check your blog.
    I hope you in the meantime, you got my email, and you've solved the problem.
    I will be happy to see the translator in your blog. there are many people who follow your blog, of different nationalities.
    would be a great help to them, follow your valuable advice in their own language!
    write me if there are problems, I will gladly help you!

    kisses, Caterina