Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi guys,
I have something to tell you, CDHM has selected me for the artisan gallery in their i-mag for the month of December! I was really surprised and pleased. So tomorrow go over and see me and some of your furniture on display in the i-mag. Thanks to you for making this all possible, I really enjoy communicating with you through the blog and e-mails, making furniture for you and thinking up things for you to make!
Thanks, Kris


  1. Hi Kris... Congratulations :)

    Can you tell me what is CDHM? and Can this i-mag be foung in net?

  2. Congratulations Kris! I look forward to reading the article!

  3. Congratulations! Going to head over there to take a look!

  4. Great article! I loved reading about your journey back to miniatures. I have loved dollhouses since I was a child and saw the Madame Moore house in Chicago. I am now working on my first doll house kit that my hubby bought for our first Christmas 26 years ago. Like you I had no money and not much time until my youngest left for college! I am back into minis with a passion. I love reading your posts and looking at your projects. Who knows, maybe I will get brave enough to try one.

  5. Hi hi! Congrats! I read the article and wanted just to tell you I love it, i love your work and all of your projects, it is very inspiring!!

  6. Hi Kris, I just read your article and saw your furniture. What wonderful work and I cant believe your great prices. Our dollhouse club did a sofa and footstool this past year. Cant believe the amount of work that went into it. You have an amazing talent! I will be checking out your stuff fequently as I start a new project after the first of the year.