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1 INCH SCALE METAL CHAIR FROM CARD STOCK TUTORIAL - How to make a 1 inch scale dollhouse metal chair.

I have been wanting to make this chair for awhile.  These seem to be popular right now.
I know the back rim should be tubular but I just couldn't think of an easy way to do that.  If you want to thin the back rims a bit to make them not as wide that would be fine.

Use the instructions in the "Things to do, Things to see" list at the left of the blog, HOW TO RE-SIZE THE PATTERNS to copy Nancy's patterns onto card stock.  Thank you, Nancy.

I will use yellow carpenter's glue to glue the chair together.  I also used a 1/8 inch hole punch for the feet.

Cut out the patterns.

Use the back of your craft knife and a ruler to score a line down the middle of each leg.

Fold the leg on the scored line.

All four legs are folded.

Use one of the seat patterns to trace a seat onto one layer of mat board.  Transfer the markings to the mat board seat.

Apply yellow carpenter's glue to the front edge of the seat.

Match the center lines and press the legs onto the glue.

Apply glue to the front corner and press the front leg onto the glue.

Apply glue to the side and back corner and press the back leg onto the glue.

Match the center lines again.

Do the same thing to the other side.

Front view of the chair.

Use your craft knife and ruler again to score lines on the marks on the middle rim.

Bend the card stock on the scored lines.

I've used my fingers to gently bend the back of the rim.

Matching the centers of the back glue the back rim to the seat of the chair.

Glue the sides of the rim to the seat of the chair.  I've transferred the marking to the side of the chair so you can see that I've glued the rim in front of the line.

Back rim glued on.

Apply glue to the front rim and glue one of the rims to the front of the back.

You will probably have to trim a little from each bottom.  This rim fits flush to the seat.

Apply glue to the back rim of the back and glue on the last rim.  This one should fit just to the edge of the seat.

Press the rims together, make sure they have a good seal.

Dry fit the card stock seat to make sure it fits onto the mat board seat.

Apply glue to the seat and press the card stock seat on.

Punch out four circles.

Pinch the bottoms of the legs together a bit to make a 90 degree angle and glue the circles to the bottom of the legs for feet.

I spray painted my chair red.

This next part is optional.

I did not like the edge on the back rim or the edge on the seat.  I decided to use size 10 crochet thread to cover those edges.  I use this because it has a tight twist and I can usually hide that it's thread that I am using.

I used tacky glue and glued the thread onto the edge of the rim.  This covered the edges of the 3 layers of card stock.

Another view.

I applied the crochet thread around the top edge of the seat to cover where I added that card stock seat.

Before I re-sprayed I sanded the corners of my legs to smooth them out.


I also sanded the fuzz off the crochet thread.

I sprayed again.

Another view.

This is quick and easy to do.  You could make bar stools by lengthening the legs, just keep the top of the leg assembly the same.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

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Friday, September 30, 2016

1 INCH SCALE GOTHIC WINDOW PLANTER - How to make a dollhouse Gothic Window Planter from mat board.

I saw this in a catalog and thought it would make a quick and easy tutorial for all of you.

I am using covered wire, 26 gauge.  This is what I have on hand.  I think you could probably use other size wire, what you have on hand.  It doesn't have to be covered wire either.
Since I am using covered wire I am coating it with white glue to seal the fuzzy surface.  Set that aside to dry.

For the rest of the tutorial I am using wood glue.

Use the instructions from the "Things to do, Things to see" list to resize the patterns that Nancy drew for us.  Thank you, Nancy.   Print the patterns onto card stock.

Cut out the two flower pots.  Wrap the card stock around a pencil to make them easier to glue together.

Glue the pots together over lapping to the line.

Cut out 4 rims, 2 rims per pot.

Glue the first rim on, trim so that the edges meet.

Glue the second rim over the first.  Trim the edges to that they meet, also.

Apply glue to the bottom of the pot and set it onto a scrap of card stock.  Let dry.

When the bottom has dried trim off the extra card stock.

Cut out the out frame pattern and trace onto mat board.  Transfer the lines, also.

Keep the card stock pattern for the outer frame.  We will use that later.

Cut out the outer frame.

Cut out notches on the lines you transferred.  These notches will hold the wire.  Don't cut through the mat board.  Just cut deep enough to hold the wire.

The notches are cut.

The notches at the bottom are wider. They will hold 2 wires.

Fitting the first wire and marking the length with a pencil.

Cut the wire to size.

The wire has been cut and glued into place.

I've marked and cut all the wires on the left side and have begun the first one on the right.

I'm using a piece of 1/2 inch dowel to make the holder for the flower pots.  You may use anything that you have on your table that will make a circle that your flower pots will fit into.

Wrap the wire around the dowel once.  Twist once and leave the wires like mine.

Showing you the twist.

The pot holder sits on the last wire going to the left.  Fit and mark your wire.  Cut the wire and glue it into the frame.

Mark the next wire.  Cut the wire and glue it into the frame.

Wrap the last wire around your form.  Measure and mark your wire.

Do you see where the pot holder is?  It is between the third and fourth wires on the left.

Cut your wire and glue it in.

I'm painting the pots and the wire.

Get the card stock pattern we used earlier.

Glue the card stock pattern onto the mat board outer frame to cover the wire and notches.

Cut out the inner frame pattern and trace onto mat board.

Cut out the frame.  Don't cut out the center, yet.

Use sandpaper, I used 180 grit, to sand the top edge round.

The top edge has been sanded round.

I've cut out the center.

Glue the inner frame onto the outer frame.  Try to leave an equal amount showing all around.

I've left my planter pretty plain with only painting a couple of layers of acrylic craft paint.

You could seal this and apply a dirty wash to age the surface.  You could also make the pots look mossy.

I have a tutorial for Geraniums.  Look in the "Things to do, Things to see" list, Rusty Pan of Geraniums.

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 I haven't said this in a while, thank you all for following my blog.  I really appreciate all of you.

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