Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween Chair!

I know it's late but I thought I would show you this chair I made for a miniaturist for Halloween. She sent the fabric, after a long search and I covered a chair that I copied off a full size furniture site, it was called the "Vamp Chair". She sent some small skeletons for me to "make legs from". The minute I saw them I had the idea to make "Ball and Claw" feet from the hands. My daughter thought it a bit morbid, but it works. I experimented with her skeletons and found more at Michaels that were painted so I used those. I painted 4 small beads black to put into the bony hands.
I have figured out how to put a ruffle on a pillow that looks nice. I have been trying to do that for years. I will put it into a blog project soon if you are interested.
Starting work on the project for November, talk to you all soon, Kris