Sunday, August 8, 2010

Part Three, "Leather" ottoman

On to Part Three

Set the ottoman base aside, we are making the cushion now.

I use Thermolam Plus for my batting, quilters use this. It's a compact batting.

Cut a 1 5/8 inch by 1 1/4 inch piece of the Thermolam plus and glue it to the top of the cushion. You are leaving about a 1/4" all around, this makes the pouf on the top of the cushion. I use tacky glue for this.

Cut a second piece of Thermolan Plus to go over the top with a little extra to be trimmed later.

Glue the Thermolan Plus down to the foam core sides.

Clip corners.

Trim the Thermolam Plus all around, even with the bottom of the cushion.

Lay the cushion onto the fabric and trim around leaving enough to be folded and glued to the under side of cushion.

Fold and glue the fabric to the bottom on the long sides cushion.

On the short ends, fold in from the sides. You've got 1 point on top and 2 points on the bottom.

Apply glue inside of the bottom points gluing the fabric together.

Do you see the bottom point open ready for glue and the other point is all ready glued together?

Press these points tightly together, close to the form core.

End of Part Three!