Thursday, August 26, 2010

Katie's Jam

This is some of Katie's Jam, she couldn't wait for the jars to cool until she was busy dolling up the jars. She has the Yo-Yo makers and I think they are so cool. I brought more of my fabric up for her and my box of wider ribbon. I am trying to clean out the things I just won't use anymore, I know she will utilize them.
She is very creative, one day I will have to take pictures of the dolls she used to sculpt, I took a couple up to her, maybe to get her to sculpt again. She is so busy, though.
I have seen the Thorne Rooms, gone twice and I love them. I like them better than the Colleen Moore Castle. I know that the Chicago area has so many shows, it would be fun the arrange a meeting with bloggers that could get to one, wouldn't it!? Will talk to you later, just got in off the train. Kris