Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keep checking the Printies Post

Very helpful miniaturists keep adding to the printies post about book pages, keep checking.

Double sided tape sounds nice and clean, with no worries about glue leakage, good idea. I do have to tell myself to keep the glue to a minimum. If you spread the glue out, I have found that the leakage doesn't happen too much. I have a friend that does not like to touch the glue and get the glue on her fingers, she doesn't like the smearing. I always smear the glue around on anything I apply glue to, I waste a lot of glue, I know, because I am wiping it off. I keep a rag for wiping my fingers in my lap and a damp cloth in a bowl on my table. I used to be pretty bad about getting glue all over, but with time I've learned to wipe, wipe and wipe my fingers. I was always told I was a messy child, I don't think I've changed much,LOL! TTYL Kris