Sunday, April 11, 2010


O.K. Ladies, I've been visiting blogs. You ladies are knock-out miniaturists. I've always been one to stay out here in the boon-docks. I try to tell people about miniatures and, well you all know the reaction. You are all so accessible with the internet. I would just read the magazines and dream about seeing more beautiful things. It is a community isn't it? I know I sound silly, but this is all new to me. I just put my things up on CDHM in November and was blogging a little bit to commune with like minded people. I am so impressed with all of your talents. I have one friend that also makes minis and she lives an hour away and we find it hard to get together. I am glad I've joined in on the fun.

And goats! We had goats for 16 years, our last wether died about a month ago, Reggie, he was 16 years old. I made saddle bags for them and we would all go hiking together with the goats carrying our meals. They loved it, and so did our 3 kids. Our nanny had triplets one night, doubled our herd, that's when Reggie went to the vet! Six was enough for us. We had so much fun. People would stop us on the trail and ask where we rented the goats from to carry our things. Ofcourse they were carrying heavy backpacks! Al, my husband had a hard time when Reggie passed, we all did. He came up with the idea to adopt some donkeys from the Missouri Humane Society. We went and he fell in love with Riviera and I came home with Casper. We want to train them to haul for us. We heat with wood and being 54 and 60 years old the woods are getting farther away and the wheel barrow is getting old. We had been doing it since Reggie retired a few years ago and we need help.

Well, I am signing off now. Just wanted to say I am truly impressed with all of your talents, and thanks for taking the time to comment.