Friday, April 9, 2010

Ethan Allen Room Box

Hello Everybody!
I thought I would put up another room box I made. For this one I copied a picture right out of the Ethan Allen Furniture catalog.
I built the box and used drywall compound for the plaster finish. Painted a base color and then worked in dots of color mixed with a glaze to keep it from drying out too quickly. My husband cut maple flooring for me. I built the windows so I would have deep sills.
I bought tin from Micro Mark to put into the pie safe. The little wooden basket on the floor is a copy of one I have in my room. My daughter painted the Chrysnbon rooster for me. I love it. I painted the tea set and the pot on the coffee table is made from paper! I copied the rug from the catalog and cross-stitched it freehand.
I found that was easier for me than to try and draw the design. The pot in the window with tulips is also made from paper. I painted the plates to match what was in the picture from the catalog. The basket on the bench is woven paper. I was taking a basket making class so I tried out what I learned in miniature. I made the garden clogs from green Fimo.
The fabric on the couch and chair have been miniaturized on the computer. I tried to find fabric that would kind of match the picture, then miniaturized it.
On the right wall is a hanging planter with ivy in it. My youngest daughter had given me a full size wall planter for Mother's Day. I loved it, so I made a miniature one to hang in this room box.
I cut the "paintings" out from a fine arts catalog.
I didn't make the striped bowl on the pie safe but I did try my hand at the apples.
I like to crochet and I made the little afghan for the arm of the couch and the doily on the coffee table.
The little candle holder is a modge-podge of bits and pieces. It starts with a Chrysnbon saucer, then I cut a cheap metal candle holder top off from the rest of it and then the top is a clear glass vase. The books on the table are photo copies of books about miniatures.
I made this room box when I didn't have alot of resources available and I had to depend on myself to figure out how to go about making something.
The only things I didn't make are: the tea set, the plates on the wall are Chrysnbon, the blue glass bottle in the left window, the clay flower pot in the left window, the bowl on the pie safe, the plate holding the candy on the end table and the Chrysnbon rooster.