Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looks Great Nina!

Hi Nina, Got the photo of the settee. I think it looks very much at home in the Tudor castle, something like a bed and breakfast in a castle in the countryside in England! Your walls looks fantastic, how long did they take to do? You have got to be getting a history lesson doing this project, so far you are getting an A+, Nina.

I've got more followers. Thank You for signing up, I hope I can keep up, keep you interested. Have a short project on how I make and put piping on my pillows, I hope to get that out to you soon.


P.S. Now I am raising a little baby raccoon. He fell down in the wall in my workroom and my husband had to cut the drywall to get it out. This is the second time, the first raccoon was big enough to go back to MOM, this one is just about a week old and we don't hear MOM. We are afraid she won't come to get him if we put him back. This year after they are gone He Is going to close that wall up for me. No more raccoons! We raised one before that the kids found in the bark of a tree. Yes, that one was in my workroom, too, along with the silky chicken, named Fluffy. Fluffy passed at 13 years old a few year ago. I live in a zoo.