Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watering Can Tutorial Part 2

Part 2

Run the card stock over the table edge a couple of times to get a tight curve.

Start wrapping the card stock around a toothpick, roll tightly.

Now, unroll a bit and apply glue to the card stock, roll up the card stock again. I wouldn't roll up more than twice around the toothpick. Be careful not to get any glue onto the toothpick. Trim the card stock close to the edge of the glue.

Give the whole thing a good roll back and forth on your table.

Slip off the tube of card stock. Cut a sharp angle on one end using your scissors. You can hold it up to the body of the watering can to get the angle you want.
Now, cut the top angle to the length you want your spout to be.

I am going to explain the next type of spout before I go on with the rest of the directions.

The next type of spout uses "Q"-Tips, these are "Q"-Tips.

Use your craft knife, scissors or wire cutters to cut one end off at a sharp angle. Again you can hold this up to the watering can body to judge this angle.

Measure 1 1/8" (28mm) from that cut and make a mark on the handle of the "Q"-Tip.

Bend the handle a bit between your forefinger and thumb.

Now cut at the mark you made.

Remember the little bit of button/carpet thread you stiffened with glue? We are going to use it now.

Fold the thread in half and cut at the halfway mark. Save one piece for later use.

Take the extra piece and fold it in half. Use Elmer's to glue the fold to the spout about 3/8" (9mm) from the bottom of the spout, somewhere in that area. Be sure to glue the thread on the side of the spout that will face the body.

End of Part 2