Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watering Can Tutorial Part 1

Hello Miniaturists ! ! ! I hope everyone is having a good year so far.

On with the tutorial.

This month I have a watering can to make from card stock. The pattern is on the left. I have made a couple of squares for you to use when you download and copy the pattern. If your square measures to what is written in the square you are at the right size.
I am trying out a new thing this time, including centimeters, these are estimates as this project doesn't really need to be exact. I hope this helps out a bit.

I bought this watering can from Home Depot, it was marked down and I couldn't resist. I love the shape. I thought we could make this from card stock to get ready for the gardens and potting sheds that are being planned.

You will need some supplies for this project: card stock; button/carpet thread, this is thicker than regular sewing thread; a large ball stylus; 1/4" hole punch; a circle template, both optional; your craft knife; a toothpick; craft foam and "Q"-Tips, optional. We will use Elmer's white or yellow glue for most of the project. I will let you know when we need to change to Tacky.

Craft foam is found in the kid's craft area. I use it for shaping with the ball stylus. You can use a washcloth or layers of paper towel that have been put into a plastic bag. We need something cushy.

For starters cut about a 2" (5cm) length of the button/carpet thread. Apply a dab of Elmer's to your finger and run the thread through the glue. This will stiffen the thread. Set this aside for later.

Cut a piece of card stock about 1" x 3" (2.5cm x 7.5cm) and use Elmer's to glue this piece to another piece of card stock. Press well, smooth it out and set this aside for later, also. We need this double layer of card stock for the handle.

Print the pattern out on card stock. Cut the body out, when cutting, cut on the line, don't leave any line on the card stock pattern piece.

To help gluing this piece together we need to curve it first. Place the pattern piece on the edge of your table, cover the pattern with the palm of your hand and pull the pattern through. This will begin the curve.

Glue the body together, overlapping to the line. Use alligator clips to hold the body together if you have them.

Let this dry.

We have two options for the spout. One has a curve in it, that's the one we use the "Q"-Tips for. These things have a rolled paper handle with cotton at each end. I am sure they are universal, just not called "Q"-Tips.
The other spout is straight and we will roll card stock to make it. The choice is yours.

This is the straight card stock spout. Cut a strip of card stock about 1 1/8" (3cm) wide, we will trim to size later.

Run this strip over the edge of your table to get a tight curve started.

End of Part 1