Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finishing Up the Watering Can

As I said in the previous post I would be painting my watering cans and show you the results.

I like to use a thick paint on the paper projects when I accent with thread. The thick paint covers the thread quicker. For this job I use Delta's Perm Enamel, an oil base enamel would work also.

Let that "primer" coat dry.

Use Perm Enamel's colors if you have them or use craft acrylic paint to give the watering can a coat of color. You may want to give the cans 2 or three coats of the color depending on how your paint covers.

When the color coats are dry I use Delta's Perm Enamel Clear Gloss Glaze to finish off, I use 2 coats. Any acrylic finish will do, use the one you like.

You'll notice I have my cans on toothpicks to paint them. I use the sticky wax that miniature sites sell to stick accessories to miniature furniture. I scrape out a ball the size of a pea and stick it on a toothpick. This works well to paint small projects.

Here are my watering cans, there is one I haven't decided on a color for, yet.

Of course you can paint them in metal colored paint, age them, ding them up a bit.
All sorts of decorating can go on. . . .

Have fun, expand on it, make it better, just keep making minis ! ! !