Thursday, January 27, 2011

So you like the watering can . . . . .

Hello to you all.  
I am glad you liked the watering can tutorial.  Have any of you made one yet?  I hope so.
I have so many ideas pinned to my cabinets that I want to make and put up on the blog.  I'll get to them.  Right now I am making up a pattern for a sofa for a special order.  I have 2 chairs to make for the same client.  I love making new patterns.  
I've been shopping for fabric and have decided to stay with the good old stand by of 100 percent cotton.  It's easy to find, easy to work with and relatively inexpensive.  I want to keep my furniture at a reasonable price.  Sometimes the more expensive fabric will cause more problems than it's worth.  When I began playing with miniatures I saw such beautiful and unique furniture, I wanted that furniture.  I saw the price of that furniture and knew it was never to be mine.  I don't judge the price charged, I respect the work that goes into each beautiful piece.  I kept making furniture until I thought I had learned how,  (with each new commission I find out that I haven't learned everything).  I started making and selling my furniture on because I wanted others to have unique furniture in their dollhouses or room boxes for a reasonable price.  I don't want you to look into your friend's dollhouse and see your sofa and chair.  I want you to have your own sofa and chair made to coordinate with the decor you chose, not the decor that's available in the catalog.  So I guess it will be a compromise, stay with the cotton, might not be showy but it always works.
Going to go to bed now, Goodnight to all,  Kris