Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twining with Threads for Your Basket

Miniaturists I am left handed, so if I have this started wrong for you please try to reverse these instructions. Once you get what is going on it's very easy to do.

I have used button hole thread that has been twisted back on it self to make it thicker. Any thread or twine that you like will do, if it's the right scale.

Divide the thread in half and loop it over the end spoke.

Pick up the outside thread. . .

and put it behind the second spoke.

Should look like this.

Now, pick up the outside thread. . .

(this "outside" thread changes every time, you see)

And place it behind the third spoke.

Pick up the outside thread and place it behind the fourth spoke.

You are always picking up the "outside" thread and placing it behind the next spoke, all the way across.

This is a wickering technique, twisting the reed around the spokes. Lots of variations and can get very complicated but beautiful.

If you have trouble let me know.