Friday, June 25, 2010

To Cockerina

Hello Cockerina,
I have spent last evening and this morning searching, Dolomite Alps, Tyrolean Style Rugs, Tyrolean Souvenirs, Tyrolean Weaving, Tyrolean Decor, . . . . .I even went into Italian Rug Stores looking for examples, I couldn't find anything. I am sorry, I tried a lot of different combinations to get different sites. I did find Albert Demetz, Export:Handcrafts, he didn't have any rugs but some beautiful examples of painted furniture, maybe if you contact him he could direct you to a site for Tyrolean rugs.
I found another site, this has some good pictures of china we could copy and glue to plates.
When I was looking in the hotels and places I looked at for decor they had rugs on the floor that were Tyrolean, where did they find them? I don't know. Are you in Italy? Some store must have a catalog for this, even maybe hand weavers selling traditional style rugs.
My husband had an idea, go to a library, maybe a university library and look up traditional Tyrol textiles. Maybe they have some books that will show some examples for you.

And I have to say I was very impressed with your blog!!! I am not computer literate at all so I can't do anything with mine. I just keep it simple so I can understand it, but I loved looking at yours, loved the music and the little flowers that followed the cursor.
I think that your Tyrolean retreat is going to be very cool, I liked the way you have designed it. Will it be in a particular time period or is it going to be contemporary? Are you going to be making the furniture, the painted furniture is very pretty. There is a book about painting in that style for miniatures, Scottie's Bavarian Doll Haus with Decorated Furniture by Scottie Foster. I have used it and can paint the simple things. This style of painting takes as much practice as any other type to gain the skill and I don't have the time nor inclination to devote to it.
Good luck with your search, I am sorry I couldn't be of any help.