Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Out There!

Hi Guys,
I tore apart my workroom today. Since I am really just making upholstered furniture now, I needed to rearrange things and give me a little more space on the table. I have a 3 foot by 6 foot table my husband made for me and I had 2 table saws, a scroll saw, a router table with Dremel and a drill press with another Dremel in it, oh yes, and 2, 2 tier paint lazy susans. I work in a little space somewhere in there.
Moved the knitting machine, yes knitting machine. I used to do that, wrote a couple of books for it, wrote for a magazine, too. Loved doing that, until I found miniatures. I didn't want to move the knitting machine too far, I can make little afghans with it. Honestly, it takes more time to finish the little things than to actually do the knitting. Put a table where that was and put the drill press and scroll saw on it.
Moved more books over to the bookcase in the other end of the room to make more room for the Rubbermaid boxes of fabric I collect. I don't like having the books over there, but I needed the room. It does have a better flow, now.
I wanted to keep this blog non personal. Just techniques and tips. But I have made friends, really good friends, Katina, so sometimes, if you all don't mind I'll let you know what I am doing besides giving tips on miniatures.
Another thing you need to know is I have a friend in my work room, his name is Ginger. He's my rabbit. He was supposed to be a girl, but he turned out to be a boy, the name stayed, he's orange with a little black. I've been told he's a Harlequin rabbit, I don't know, he's my buddy. Ginger chases the cats out of the room, I let him run loose in the room during the day. The door to the room is sawed in half, horizontally, like a "Dutch Door". The cats jump over and then they jump back out. I'm sure they have issues with this since they also go outside and we live on five acres and they hunt rabbits. The outside rabbits don't chase them. He uses a litter box if you are wondering about that. Right now we have visitors in the work room, I am raising baby chicks to replenish my laying hens. A lot of peeping going on. Kinda like Easter everyday with chicks and a bunny!