Monday, March 8, 2010

Aged Painted Finish

This is the painted finish I was telling you about in a previous blog entry. I was watching "This Old House" and they went to a custom cabinet shop to see this finish. It was going to be on the cabinets they were putting in.
I changed everything to craft paint for us and it worked out beautifully.
The colors I used are for the sample experiment, any craft paint would do.
Paint base color, for the sample I used Delta Wedgewood green. Sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper.
Second coat with base color. Don't sand, want to leave for texture, something for the top paint color to grab onto.
Paint the top color, I used Folk Art Vintage White. Can I say paint heavy? This coat isn't neat, leave brush strokes, light and dark areas.
I like to leave this overnight.
Sand the top coat lightly showing more base color. I used 320 grit in a circular motion.
Add texture, dent with a rock, one with alot of different edges. On the show, the mother of the owner did this with a broken brick for different sizes and shapes of dents.
Brush on a water-base stain, I used Minwax American Walnut, use water-base because the craft paint is water-base. I left the stain on for maybe 30 seconds, then wiped off. Buff with a piece of brown paper bag. I wad up the brown paper a bit to make it soft before I use it.

I am working on a limed finish to go over a piece of finished furniture. When I have a sample I will tell you about it.

Have fun . . . . TTYL Kris