Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rug Site

Thanks to Nina for showing me how to link! I have a rug site for you to try, I like the selection, it's not large, some of the sites are too big and the rugs all begin to look alike, and the rugs copy at a large size so you don't have to loose definition enlarging them in a program. The site is: . They sell other things, but the rugs are really nice.

Remember, I use suede paper from When printing I used Windows Photo Gallery, and under paper, I chose "other specialty paper". I hope this helps for the paper jam difficulties you might have. I also gave the paper a press from the back side, paper side with a hot dry iron, not the cotton setting, the one under it. I've been doing all right with it.
I also use the paper that we use for our dollhouse ceilings, it has a plaster like texture. I buy it in a roll from wallpaper sections at the big box stores, I got mine from Menards, it's cheaper to buy it in a roll. It's the same stuff, the dollhouse supplier people buy it and cut it to sell to us. It makes nice rugs, too. Go the the blog entry, Rugs, to find out what I do to finish these off. This stuff makes great quick rugs, I spray them with a matt finish and when you glue the muslin underneath and fringe it at the ends the rugs really work in the room.