Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello To You All

I just wanted to log on to let you know that I am still here. I have just finished a custom order for a pair of Victorian Gothic wing chairs that will be going into Edgar Allan Poe's house in Finland, he's moved I believe, Ha, Ha!!
I have another custom order for half inch scale, I haven't made anything in this scale so it's going to be an experiment. This order is for the Ponderosa, yes, Pa, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe. Their house is made from Legos and is the most amazing thing I have ever seen., I would make a link but I haven't been able to make one out of the Blogspot site. I don't know very much about computers.

I have a project for you and will be posting around the 20th again.

For more information on my custom work and ready-made upholstered furniture please go to, I am under furniture. TTYL Kris