Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Air Balloons?

Hello Nina, Do you mean birthday balloons or hot air balloons we ride in? For birthday balloons I use floral arrangement eggs on a wire. Around Easter time these are sold. I paint them. Sometimes craft stores carry these year round. You can use ping-pong balls for round balloons and paint them. Now, if you mean hot air balloons we ride in that would be more complicated and you and I could correspond on that, working it out. I have an idea of where to start. camceiling@frontiernet.net is my address, feel free to contact me there. Kris


  1. Hallo Kris,
    yes, really I meant birthday balloons !!!
    But now I know, thank you for the tip.

  2. Cake decoarting suppiles has plastic balloons too or take a real balloon cut a pice to fit over a round wood ball and tie at the end. add string or wire it so it stand in the "air"