Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wire Handle For Your Basket

I make a wooden handle from a toothpick. I use toothpicks a lot in my work! Cut off the pointed end and about an 1/8th of an inch from the end make a groove with a file, my file has sharp edges and a little rounded on the broad sides, you can use a triangle file, too. I round out the groove and move to the other end leaving a middle that's about 3/16 of an inch. Make another groove, don't cut off the handle yet.

With your trusty "T" pin make a hole in the center of the end of the handle, just a hole, don't go waddling it out or you might break your handle.

I use a hand drill I bought from Hobby Builders, it's called the mini drill and it's $12.49, #37800 and comes with bit sizes #52 - #74. I put the smallest bit in, #74, and start the hole.

Continue to drill, but hold onto the handle like I am in the picture, this way you can feel if you are going straight. If not, you can correct it. Drill through, and cut off your handle.

I reinforced my sides by punching a small circle, 1/8 of an inch hole punch, and gluing them to the inside of my basket in the middle of the sides at the top.

Using the "T" pin and a block of wood to support the side, pierce a hole on the sides, in the middle, at the top through the rim.

I used green paddle wire from the floral department, it's 26 gauge. Any wire you have that will fit into the hole in your handle will do fine. You can also paint the wire. Slip the wire into the handle and bend the whole thing around the end of your basket. Cut off to just a little past half the length of your basket. Leave enough to go inside and fold over.

Thread the wire into the basket and bend over to secure.

There is the basket with the twining and wire handle.

I hope you all give this a try, it's fun to weave them and fun to fill.