Friday, June 25, 2010

To Cockerina

Hello Cockerina,
I have spent last evening and this morning searching, Dolomite Alps, Tyrolean Style Rugs, Tyrolean Souvenirs, Tyrolean Weaving, Tyrolean Decor, . . . . .I even went into Italian Rug Stores looking for examples, I couldn't find anything. I am sorry, I tried a lot of different combinations to get different sites. I did find Albert Demetz, Export:Handcrafts, he didn't have any rugs but some beautiful examples of painted furniture, maybe if you contact him he could direct you to a site for Tyrolean rugs.
I found another site, this has some good pictures of china we could copy and glue to plates.
When I was looking in the hotels and places I looked at for decor they had rugs on the floor that were Tyrolean, where did they find them? I don't know. Are you in Italy? Some store must have a catalog for this, even maybe hand weavers selling traditional style rugs.
My husband had an idea, go to a library, maybe a university library and look up traditional Tyrol textiles. Maybe they have some books that will show some examples for you.

And I have to say I was very impressed with your blog!!! I am not computer literate at all so I can't do anything with mine. I just keep it simple so I can understand it, but I loved looking at yours, loved the music and the little flowers that followed the cursor.
I think that your Tyrolean retreat is going to be very cool, I liked the way you have designed it. Will it be in a particular time period or is it going to be contemporary? Are you going to be making the furniture, the painted furniture is very pretty. There is a book about painting in that style for miniatures, Scottie's Bavarian Doll Haus with Decorated Furniture by Scottie Foster. I have used it and can paint the simple things. This style of painting takes as much practice as any other type to gain the skill and I don't have the time nor inclination to devote to it.
Good luck with your search, I am sorry I couldn't be of any help.


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  1. Hello Kris! I do not know how to thank you for the time you have devoted to research carpet Tyrolean! as you see, it's really hard! I also tried a lot but I found nothing, I hoped you had a magic wand! ha ha!
    okay, thanks anyway!
    I'm happy you've visited my blog, I'm glad you like it!
    my mountain home is set in present age, so it will only furnishings typical of Tyrol, with light wood furniture and someone painted in blue with flowers, like the pictures you've seen!
    I always went on holiday in the Dolomites, and I love the place and houses! my dream is to build a miniature house that I would actually have in the mountains!
    if one day I win the lottery, I'll buy a little cabin in the Dolomites! ha ha!
    thank you very much for your interest! You are an extremely helpful and professional! Forgive me if I made you waste time, a kiss! ..
    ... even your husband! ah ah!