Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi Caterina

I love playing on-line looking for stuff, I get lost sometimes and forget about the time. The Internet takes you off and you don't know where you will end up. I can't believe there isn't anything on the Tyrolean style or decor. I know it was popular in the US maybe sometime in the 1940's, I think, at least what we thought was Tyrolean. I just couldn't stop looking because I was convinced that the Internet had everything. We need to tell Google they have missed something don't we? Maybe you could use the suede paper on another project. If you have trouble getting it through the printer, my printer can be fussy, try giving the paper a press with your iron. I am going to try this, I didn't have trouble the first time, then I waited a while before trying it again and the printer said it had a paper jam, stupid printer. Maybe it was the humidity? Or . . I had just taken it out of it's shrink wrapped package, that's why I think a little press with the iron will make it work reliably. I had good luck the first time and even was able to send the suede paper back through to print the rug over and over about 3 times without getting a "double exposure" thing going on. The paper fed perfectly every time and printed exactly in the same place as the first time. I like to feed the paper back through to darken the colors.

For July the project is going to be the heat registers we have in the older homes in the US. I have an example shown in the bathroom room box that is in the blog with the shelf that uses quilling paper. As I am not a world traveler I don't know whether these are universal, maybe someone can let me know.
Talk you all later . . . . . Kris