Monday, June 7, 2010

Everyday gets better, I try not to get a picture of him in my head, if I do the tears come.

I have an idea for a new tutorial for you all, I am going to try to get one out a month, maybe another one if I have time. I do enjoy teaching. I posted the last one near the end of the month so I think I will keep on that schedule.

Thank you for helping me through this, it really did help reading your kind words, I reread them all of the time!



  1. You just have to keep yourself busy, busy, busy that you don't have time to think of him - I watched like 50 movies when Lana passed away to keep my mind of her, as if I thought of her, I just cried, cried and cried. It still hurts.

    And really wait for your tutorial, they are just fabulous :) I'll email you about the chairs, haven't wanted to bother you with all this going on.


  2. I am so sorry you are so sad! Keep your mind busy and glad you're planning a new tut I am trying to make the scrolled shelf..hope I can get it done this week and share it with my RL group! I iwll post a pic oon my blog and diect others to you ok? Blessings!

  3. You're a wonderful teacher, Kris, and a marvellous artist. David and I are just about ready to start building the William and Mary house that will finally house the miraculous little settee you created for it :) I can't wait until it has the home it deserves, and I look forward to any tutorial your creative mind can come up with!

  4. Pets become part of the family so my sincere condolences.

  5. My heart goes out to you, you've been in my thoughts. It is so painful to lose our precious furbabies.

  6. I continue to think about you and am glad that it is getting a little easier. Take care.

  7. Hello Kris, I read about Fidget, so sad and sorry for you, but why? perhaps it's natur instinct?? But you have done what you can,very good. I love your finding of making paper pot's,fantastic! I try it soon. I wisch you the best,take care,greetings Gonda.

  8. I was so sorry to read about Fidget, so sad to loose such a treasure. Big Hugs!

    Your gorgeous chaise worked perfectly where I was hoping it would, amazingly great fit, I'm so pleased with it.

    Your minis are fabulous!

    Cheers, Jean