Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hi Miniaturists,

I had some e-mails asking how was the wiring going to be hidden on the little room box I demonstrated in December's post.  It isn't.  And that's the short of it.

I demonstrated making a room box by cutting and folding one piece of foam core and using an inexpensive frame to finish it.  It was meant to be simple for people that don't have the resources, whether it be money for purchasing custom made room boxes or skills to make wooden room boxes themselves.  It was a quick and easy room box to make.

I am looking for a larger frame that already has a mat in it.  I will discard the picture and cut and glue foam core behind the frame and mat to make a room box that the wiring can be hidden.  I will show how I construct double walls to hide the wiring.

The new box will still be from foam core because that's something most people can get and use without expensive tools.  There will be no hinges on the frame, foam core won't support that.  I try to keep things simple so most of you can make the things I demonstrate.

Just got back from Chicago, really cold up there!!  Will be posting in a few weeks, have to find the frame.  I will be looking at Family Dollar stores, I know I saw some at Garden Ridge, too, something inexpensive, you know.  I want the mat to be cut to fit an 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 picture.  The outside measurement of the frame can be anything.

TTUL   Kris