Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Extra, Extra

Mary sent me a note regarding heat shrink tubes for wiring.  I've used them in the past.  She sent a website address that has a video showing their use.   www.jsminiatures.co.uk     I've found a source for them in the U.S.  www.cir-kitconcepts.com     Use search box and type in heat shrink tubes.  You slip these tubes over the bare wires, apply heat such as your hair dryer, they shrink providing insulation for your wires while also keeping them together.

I've also had am e-mail from Stacy T. telling me about the Silhouette Cameo.  I've often wondered about these scrap booking cutting machines and if I "need" one those, too????  After much experimenting she was able to cut mat board with it.
Her instructions are:
set the machine to Chipboard/2 speed/blade7/uncheck double cut/uncheck cutting mat/move rollers on bar all the way in/feed mat board into machine without cutting mat and hitting "load media".

She says after running it through all she has to do is to go over it lightly with her craft knife.  She says you can design minis with their software.  Too Cool!

She is showing in this picture the mat board cut out, can you see the piece at the right of the picture?  She also has a piece cut out in card stock at t he left of the picture.  I am also assuming that all the pieces you see on the cutting mat are all ready cut by the machine and ready for Stacy to just lightly cut them with her craft knife.  Easy, Peasy!!

I am reprinting this from the comments because I think it useful to know about.

ooooo, Kris! Stacy T. is right on the money! I had emailed you maybe a year ago or so about using my Cricut to cut out the parts to make baskets and little boxes. Lol! I think I scared you off with my ramblings at the time. It really does work and saves your hands. Cuts are really precise. The only way I was able to use my Cricut was to use the Make the Cut software to design my own cutting patterns. It is no longer legal to use that software with the Cricut machine so I am stuck with a machine that is useless to me. Don't buy a Cricut for this purpose (nor for cutting fabric as it doesn't work well!). Silhouette has it's own software so you can design whatever you desire. I have been considering buying a newer cutter for this purpose. Will have to ask the Birthday Fairy. ;)

Sus wanted a picture of the machine.  I Googled and copied and pasted a couple.  I know nothing about these machines.  Sus, maybe you can Google information on them for your part of the world.

Thanks for the information,