Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 I have put the patterns into the tutorial again, there are 4 "pictures" you will have to left click on now.  When they were all on one page Paint would not let you enlarge unless you let it use more paper.  I have also tried my best to explain how to save your patterns in Paint and re-size them.  I hope this helps you.  I am a miniaturist, not a computer specialist so I hope I made it clear.
I did make this pattern twice from the patterns, you should be successful if you follow the instructions.

 Chris has had some problems with the pattern.  You say you needed 5 pieces of foam core for the seat base, you didn't mention that you used any mat board. Did you use 2 pieces of mat board with your  seat base?  Did you glue the front and back to the 2 11/16" sides of the seat base?  The front and back should NOT be glued to the 2 1/4" sides.

I have to say I considered this tutorial for a long time before actually publishing it for this reason. I have to make changes with my patterns often, and I cut my foam core with a saw so there shouldn't be too much difference between pieces.  Miniature upholstering isn't for everybody, there is a lot of making it fit, trimming and retrying.  I would like more feed back on the pattern.