Monday, January 21, 2013

It's a revelation.

Please keep the comments coming, I enjoy them so much.  Is that too conceited?  It's so much fun hearing how excited you are.
Seeing it is a revelation, isn't it?  I know that's how I felt when I saw it for the first time.  So much can come of this, have fun!!!


  1. No, It's not conceited! I love getting comments on my blog! They always brighten my day and lift my spirits. I saw the tutorial for that adorable upholstered chair on pinterest this morning and re-pinned it, so people definitely love your blog! I'm trolling the web looking for tips on how to finnish a painted dresser/vanity with a shabby chic look, do you have any tips for me? I've found some, but somehow one is never enough (or two apparently:P)

  2. I guess this is a good time for me to say that I adore your blog. Your tutorials are so incredible useful and well written. Thanks for everything you do!

  3. Votre fauteuil est superbe et la réalisation très bien expliquée. Un grand merci pour le partage et bravo pour vos magnifiques miniatures!!
    A bientôt!

  4. Kris,no modesty please,you are the best at explaining and writing tutorials and more over your work is OUTSTANDING as I well know.The comments you get are only a litle token of gratitude and appreciation for your work
    Thank you again and again,Rosanna

  5. How do you make the piping so small?

  6. It isn't conceited to enjoy comments, I have just started a mini blog and have a total of three followers so when I get a comment it makes my day. When you take the time to create content it is nice to get feedback.

  7. As Kim said, it's great to get feedback--feels a lot less as if you are all alone speaking to yourself (the mirror speaks back to you, as it were).

    I thought I had commented in the previous tutorial--the upholstered chair--but I don't see it now, so either blogger ate it (evil thing that it is) or it's operator error (more likely--I'm technologically impaired). Either way, I want to thank you for your amazing generosity in sharing all these tutorials with us. Not only are you so very talented, you are incredibly generous.

    Thank you.

  8. Feedback is so important -- it really does help us all to feel more connected and to actually have real relationships online. Your blog is wonderful -- you've helped so many people with your generosity and precision. You're not only an artist, you're an inspiration to many :)

  9. Kris I started the chair over getting get results!! I see where I made mistakes and it's coming along I just need the thermolin or whatever that was called and I should get this done soon..only it's too nasty to go out today!:(
    thank you again for a great tut !!!!!!!!!!

  10. I found your blog on accident looking for Barbie furniture. My daughters and I looked around, and have decided to ditch the fashion model, and go smaller! We've picked out a 1 inch scale doll house, and will be using your blog to furnish it. We're even going to sculpt our own little family! Thank you for helping us find our summer project!

  11. You make wonderful minis and you make it so easy to follow!!!

  12. Could you come and play with me?? This was the most detailed tutorial that I have ever seen. Kudos. I just started playing around with building some American Girl furniture out of cardboard.
    My husband does home PD dialysis, so we have ALL these heavy cardboard boxes that I burn, trash , or give away. My friend's granddaughter has American Girl dolls. Hmm, might work. What was I thinking?? It is so much fun, and I have been so anal about support and perfection. We did a bed and a rolled arm chair, and we upholstered it. (Roughly) Now I have done 2 slip covered dining chairs, table, rolled arm couch, side table with drawers, a footstool with storage (top comes off and fits snug), and last but not least, a chaise lounge with a drawer. Oh, yeah, I made houndstooth Toms last night. Can you come to my house and lets play doll furniture? :) I want to do your chair now. Shoot me.