Sunday, January 6, 2013


Jo has asked about the rag rug beading loom tutorial.  I mentioned that I used the springs on my old beading loom to make another loom to make miniature linens.  I made another loom because I needed to have the warp threads closer together to actually make fabric.  I also made a heddle from scratch.  As I said in the tutorial I know just enough about weaving to get myself into trouble.  If you Google, use Images in the tool bar,  "beading looms", "small looms", "home made looms" you will see pictures of looms that are pretty easy to figure out and make.  The heddle is the thing in the middle that lifts up half the warp threads so you can weave with the weft thread.  Please, I  hope I am not insulting anyone out there that does know about weaving.  Bigger looms have heddles that will lift the thread according to a pattern.

This is my home made loom.  I haven't used it in a long time.  At the  right side of the picture are the springs from the beading loom.  Important: the threads have come dislodged from their places in the springs, there should be one thread in each slot of the spring.
This is a picture of the heddle.  I used green paddle wire for the thingys that the thread is threaded through.  To be able to lift half the thread, (every other) you thread between the thingys and then next thread goes into the eye of the thingy.  I am sorry for the non-technical terms.
After I had made the thingys I drilled holes into wood and glued them in.
The heddle is in the down position.
The heddle is in the up position.

The heddle is loose, not connected to the loom, until the loom is threaded and then is all works.
There is a lot you can do with this up and down weave by just threading the warp with different colors and weaving with different colors.

I hopes this explains a little bit, Jo.  I tried to e-mail you but you didn't have an address.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

Happy New Year!  Kris