Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is a roombox I made a while ago.  "Princess of Quite A Lot".  I like Mary Engelbreit designs so I decided to create a roombox with her flavor.  The basic design came from a Mary E. post it note.

The little shelf in the foyer is from Mott's book of furniture patterns.  The rocking chair is made from beech wood, this looks a little like oak wood in miniature.  The pattern for that came from Mott's pattern book, also.  The stove is Chrysnbon, of course.  I've always wanted a painted floor in my house so I painted this floor with a design I found on Mary E. post it notes.  The lamp shades on the sconces, (they are really candle holder sconces) are the screw caps from tubes of frosting.  I bought frosting just the other day and found they had changed the packaging!  No more lamp shades : (  I always liked the frosting caps better than the toothpaste caps.  The edge had a wider pleat.  I had a terrible time needle pointing the picture, glad I did it, but I won't be doing any more tiny, tiny needle pointing!  My husband bought the plates for me and there was no signature on them.  The little grey rabbit in the rocking chair is from a pattern from the book "Furnish a Doll's House" by Michal Morse.  The sewing stand is a copy of my friend's full size sewing stand.  I am going to make a pattern for this and make it in mat board for the blog later this year.  Remind me if you don't see it !!

I like making roomboxes with nooks so I made this one to house a table and chair set.  I found the chairs in an advertisement in Miniature Collector.  An artisan was having a class at the Chicago show and she had a picture of the chairs she was making.  I don't sell these chairs but I did make a pair for myself.  I wanted the window to be different so I made up a design with 3 small panes at the top and 2 large panes at the bottom.

I bought fabric with Mary E. sayings and designs and cut it up.  I cut out the "Princess of Quite A Lot" and made a rug.  I had to paint in some of the design since another saying overlapped it.  I glued it onto card stock and made fringe for the edge.  By the time the project was over that piece of fabric looked like Swiss cheese!
The table cloth started out as a white square.  I cut and glued the border on using bits and pieces.  The checker board is a scrap booking border.  I used "Wonder Under" to make some parts of the fabric "iron on".  The flowers on the bottom table cloth was made this way.  I know it was crazy to cut all of those flowers out singly but I did it anyway and ironed them on the way I wanted it to look.
The small table if from a full size furniture pattern book.  Even the doilies came from the Mary E. fabric.

I wanted to show you the wind chime.  I saw this in the "Home Companion", that's Mary Engelbreit's magazine.  I made the teapot, cup and saucer from Fimo and used Chrysnbon spoons.  So cute.

Some of you may know I have a pet rabbit that runs loose in my breeze way were I work.  His name is Ginger.  Before I had him, though, I had another.  My kids saved him from dogs.  The former owners got tired of him and dumped him out here in the country.  He was white and definitely a tame rabbit, they thought, "A rabbit is a rabbit."  Well, the dogs were chasing him, we don't have dogs so they weren't our dogs.  My kids heard the racket and went to find out what was going on and they brought this big white rabbit in the house.  I took to him quickly and he was "Bunny".  He passed away and I remembered him by putting the rabbits in my roombox.  He looked a little like the one on the floor by the checkered chair, not white/white, but not grey either.

I hoped you liked the tour.  I am going to begin work on the February blog, finishing the kitchen cabinets.

TTYL  Kris