Thursday, December 23, 2010

Suede Paper 2

I used coconut. I found a good website for rugs, I know it doesn't sound like a rug site, but get on and go to rugs. I "save image" into my minis file, then when I need to print I will double click on the picture and then it goes into the program where you print photographs. I will click "fix" and set the saturation all the way up, then click print and choose my size. I have been successful in sending the paper back through the printer to print the rug over at least 3 times. I have also been unsuccessful doing this, it will double expose if not exactly lined up. It's always a "keep you fingers crossed kind of thing". When it works, it is so good, the colors and patterns are beautiful. When it doesn't, you are wasting paper. So mostly I just print once and say I'm satisfied! It's fun to do and you are making them yourself, of course you can drive yourself crazy looking for the "perfect" rug. Have fun! Kris

P.S. I just went to the website and it is "under construction", I don't know what they are doing, I hope they will still have rugs. What is so perfect about this particular website is the rugs save in a large size, we don't have to enlarge them. Will keep an eye on the site and hope for the best.