Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas to all !

I am putting up my Leg Lamp for you to see since it's the season for the movie, "The Christmas Story". I love that movie and watch it a lot at this time of year.
If you have seen the movie you know about the lamp. The father wins second place in a contest he enters and wins the lamp. He loves it, the wife doesn't and "accidentally" breaks it when she is watering flowers.
I love the lamp and made one in 1 inch scale. Giselle Sullivan made the leg for me, with a hole in the bottom for the wiring to go through. She was so helpful with getting the stocking on, Matte Modge Podge. The shade has a wooden frame I steam bent the pieces to the shape I wanted. The shade in the movie is large and I wanted the same shade so I couldn't use a ready made miniature. I mixed some dye I had to get the color of silk I wanted. The craziest part was the fringe, I twisted embroidery floss back onto itself a little at a time for each strand. Took forever, I am crazy, but I think it looks great. One day I will get around to making a Christmas scene with the lamp in the window just like the movie!!