Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas to all !

I am putting up my Leg Lamp for you to see since it's the season for the movie, "The Christmas Story". I love that movie and watch it a lot at this time of year.
If you have seen the movie you know about the lamp. The father wins second place in a contest he enters and wins the lamp. He loves it, the wife doesn't and "accidentally" breaks it when she is watering flowers.
I love the lamp and made one in 1 inch scale. Giselle Sullivan made the leg for me, with a hole in the bottom for the wiring to go through. She was so helpful with getting the stocking on, Matte Modge Podge. The shade has a wooden frame I steam bent the pieces to the shape I wanted. The shade in the movie is large and I wanted the same shade so I couldn't use a ready made miniature. I mixed some dye I had to get the color of silk I wanted. The craziest part was the fringe, I twisted embroidery floss back onto itself a little at a time for each strand. Took forever, I am crazy, but I think it looks great. One day I will get around to making a Christmas scene with the lamp in the window just like the movie!!


  1. never seen the movie, but the lamp is really something!!! Love it hahaha
    I'm not so sure if I would be happy if my husband would bring such a lamp home ;-)

  2. It does look great. It's good to be crazy so that it can be great :)

  3. Sooooooooooo CUTE!!! and we love that movie too!

  4. "I'm not so sure if I would be happy if my husband would bring such a lamp home ;-)"

    But - it's a MAJOR AWARD!!

  5. Hi Kris, Your lamp looks great. I was wondering how you made the stocking and what you used for it.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful lamp and the story.