Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shabby Chic Curtains Part 2

Fold and finger press the casing down. I apply a very small amount of tacky glue to the raw edge of the casing and press to hold. This is not for permanent holding we are going to sew the casings in later. Measure for your first panel, again I measured 3 1/4 inches after the casing is folded down. Cut extra at the bottom, you will want that extra when you draw the scallops.

Make a mark in the center of the panel at your bottom for length.

Measure a half inch up from that and make marks on each side.

Connect those lines to a point, as lightly as you can.

I go ahead and cut, finger press and glue the casings and draw each point on each panel now so they are all ready for the next step.

You will probably want to cut and draw extra points to practice on.

Draw the scallops, I start with the center and make the bottom of the scallops touch the line.

They don't have to be perfect, it's shabby chic, a little wobble here and there is all right.

All of the panels have their scallops on and the casings folded down.

I painted the pattern on my curtains using acrylic craft paint with a dot of Elmer's glue added to keep the paint from soaking in and spreading. This doesn't always happen, but it has on occasion, when I least expect it, so I do this now all of the time.
You could embroider the design, use fabric markers, you could cut and glue a design on from other fabric or paper. You also could leave them plain or use print fabric. Lace could be added, you are the designer, and the sky is the limit!

I paint all of my scallops first. The paint seals the edges so I can cut them.

End of Part 2