Monday, September 20, 2010

Ginger !

I've got an animal story for that has to do with miniatures. I've told you, a long time ago, that I have a pet rabbit, his name is Ginger. I was hoping he was a girl, but he turned out to be a boy, but that got taken care of. He is normally lying around on the floor close to me in my work room, he's out all day. I put him away in his cage around 9 P.M. and gets out again around 8 A.M. to munch a bunch of fresh greens.
So much for his schedule. Mary, my friend comes over and we try out new things in miniatures. One day we were cutting out cabriole legs. Making patterns and trying them out. Lunch time came and we got up to go into the kitchen to make something to eat. Of course we were talking and laughing and I was not paying attention to what I was supposed to do. I have to tuck my chair back under the table, I didn't.
Mary and I ate our lunch and were anxious to get back to work. We went into the work room and looked for the pattern, the one we liked and had taken a long time to draw out. After a few seconds I stopped. I began noticing the tell tale signs that the top of my table had had a visitor, Ginger.
I hadn't tucked my chair in, he loves to jump on my chair as soon as I get up. He jumped on the chair and onto the table and began nibbling on anything that caught his fancy. He fancied our pattern, a lot, it was all gone! He had tasted a few other things, our wood, magazines and other pieces of paper. Thank goodness he doesn't go after electrical cords, my tabletop has many.
Back to the drawing board!!

I was sick for a long time a while back, during that period that I was making my Mary Engelbreit room box. I would try to go in and work on it, but being sick I would stop and forget to put the chair back. I was so very lucky, Ginger would get on the table and he would chew on things but he never damaged the room box. I had the inside all done and he could have done a lot of damage to it. The only damage I found were a few nibbles on some turnings I had done in beech wood for the rocking chair. He evidently doesn't like beech wood because the nibbles were just for tasting. He would nibble on the magazines and paper lying around, though.

I didn't know that rabbits jumped onto things, I knew they jumped and Ginger is quite good at that, too. He does a hop, kick and twist when he's really feeling good. If Ginger wants to jump up on the furniture to see what's going on, he does. My cats didn't think he could jump either because they would jump on a chair to get away from the big rabbit coming after them. That didn't stop Ginger, he just jumped up on the chair, too. I don't know what the cats think of him, he's so much bigger than the outdoor rabbits they chase. In the house, the rabbit chases the cats!