Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Iris from Charlotte

First of all I have to answer Ira, I have never heard of such a thing. But all animals are different. We had a dog that would remove the pickles from her hamburger and the black olives from her pizza. I don't know how she could eat a piece of pizza and leave the black olives, I don't even know how she could tell what the black olives were. Now, we are talking real farm dog here. She would kill a chicken from the neighbors and hide it and bring it out now and then to chew on! And she wouldn't eat pickles or black olives. I am sorry if I grossed anyone out. Good dog, though!

O.K. Iris from Charlotte. I tried the stationery thing. I went to Google Images, found a piece of stationery, right click, save image. Opened the folder that I saved it in, right click on the picture, and chose "open with", chose paint. Made sure everything was on one page by opening file and choosing "page layout". Now I clicked on the text button, double clicked where I wanted the box. I chose a font and size, larger than normal. I typed my letter. Next, I clicked on image and reduced the size of the letter by choosing resize/reskew. I would check print preview to see the size and printed a couple out to check. I was happy with what I got. I couldn't read the letter, ofcourse, but you could see the writing.
Charlotte is trying to make some pretty stationery for a French country house she is decorating. If anyone has any more ideas, correct anything I left out or where she can go to get printies for this please let her know in the comments for me.