Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well, first of all . . . . . .Thank you for the compliments!  I am so glad you like this month's tutorials.  There isn't anything like finishing a project, you did it yourself, it was fun to do AND you have something you can put into your dollhouse scene.  This is what makes miniatures just so much fun, making the minis yourself!!

I was messing around in the "Stats" in the dashboard area and looked at some of the links to my blog.  I noticed that some of the other blogs have ads from actual dollhouse sites.  That's so cool, I don't like the ads Google gives and they aren't of any use to you.  So, how do I get these ads, do you wait to be approached or do you ask the sites to put an ad on your site.  I can think of a couple right now, the Create for Less site for your craft needs and the Royalwood Ltd. site if you wanted to buy waxed linen.  If I approach them do I ask for payment and how is that done?  Maybe someone out in blogger-ville can help me with some suggestions.

Thanks again,  TTYL      Kris