Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Red Wagon Floral Arrangement Part 3

I am using the Fiskars Corner Punch "Flower" OR Fiskars has a border punch that uses a daisy in the design, either on works., under the manufacturer Punch Bunch, mini punches, there is an inexpensive daisy punch we can use, too.

This is a close-up of the border punch daisy design.

I am going to use a flat coffee filter, it has a slight texture that I like.

Plain white copy paper is just as good.

Use acrylic craft paint to paint the paper yellow for the yellow daisies.  Use a yellow daisy for the color, real or from a catalog, or maybe a silk flower.  I just used Apple Barrel Yellow, that's what I had on hand.  Paint both sides of the paper.  Let the paper dry before you punch.

Whether you start with green copy paper or white copy paper you are going to paint it green with a leaf color acrylic craft paint you like.  You can get fancy and paint one side of the paper one shade of green and the other side of the paper another shade of green.  You can make two different colors of foliage in the arrangement if you want.  For this arrangement I used Delta's Seminole Green, it's a good all around green.  Let the paper dry completely before you punch.

If you have trouble punching the coffee filters, place them between copy paper and then punch.
To save paper I cut my paper into strips and feed it into the punch to only punch the shape I want.
Punch 24 to 30 of each color for the daisies.
I am going to use the green paddle wire, 26 gauge.  Cut the wires 2" long.

From the painted green paper, punch about 30 1/8" holes.

Bend the tip of each wire about a 1/16" to a 90 degree angle.  I just put my wire at the the very tip of my needle nose pliers and bent the angle.

Pierce the center of your calyxes with a large pin on the craft foam.  To keep the circle from folding up around the pin, hold the circle down with your tweezers while piercing.

Thread the calyx onto the wire and push up to the bend and glue the calyx flat against the bend.  Use tacky glue.  Stick your wires into some floral foam for the calyxes to dry.

It takes 2 punched shapes for each daisy.  Use tacky glue to glue 2 shapes together, offsetting the petals.  Make at least a dozen of each color.

This shows all of the daisies ready to be glued to the top of the wire and calyxes.

Put a dab of tacky glue on the top of the calyx.

Press the calyx onto the back of the daisy.  Replace back into the floral foam to dry.

I use floral foam for the center of the daisy.  This isn't Styrofoam, this is floral foam, it is soft and absorbs water.  Crumble and tear up a small amount.

Apply a dab of tacky glue to the center of daisy.

Using your tweezers, mound a small bit of the crumbled floral foam onto the center of the daisy on the glue.  Do this to the rest of the daisies.  Let dry.

Paint the center of the white daisies yellow and the center of the yellow daisies brown.  Ruffle the tips of the petals with a pin or your tweezers.

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