Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Red Wagon Floral Arrangement Part 4

Now we are going to make some filler leaves.  I am using the Fiskars corner punch "Leaves".  I don't think it's available anymore, that's a shame, it was a good punch., under Punch Bunch, has some good punches for filler leaves.  Some are leaves on stems and some are fern-like.

Whatever you use you will need to do a little shaping to the leaves.  Dampen some paper towel and lay the leaves onto it.  Let the leaves absorb some of the dampness.  We don't want them wet, just a little damp.

Transfer a leaf to the craft foam and use a stylus to run down the center and out to the lobes of the leaf and curl the lobes a bit.  The leaves don't need a lot of shaping, just don't leave them flat.  Let the leaves dry.

I cut green paddle wire, 26 gauge at 2 inches in length.  I'm making about a dozen filler leaves.

I tried Crafter's Pick, The Ultimate! glue for gluing the leaves on and I was very satisfied with it.  Glue the wire to the back of the leaves.

Now, we finally have all the components made for the arrangement.  Every time I do all of this flower making I admire the miniature flower artists even more!

Before you start arranging make sure everything as had a chance to dry.  We are going to be manipulating the wires around and it gets frustrating if you have things falling off, (don't ask).

This is a triangular shaped arrangement.  The main stems establish how high and how wide the arrangement will be.  The height is established by the height of the container.  The little wagon should be between 1/2 to 5/8 inches high (13mm to 16mm).  The height of the arrangement should be 1 1/2 times the height of the container.  So we are talking 3/4" to almost an inch high (19 to 25mm) for the finished arrangement.   In the full size arrangement it looks like they started with carnations to determine the height and width.  We will do the same.
Try to have your container at eye level when you start.  Use what you can to raise the container off your table.  Secure the container so it won't move around.
Believe me, I am not a floral arranger.  I copy and do the best I can.  So we will be going at this together.

Start with a carnation.  The height of the arrangement is going to be 3/4" to about an inch depending on the height of your wagon.  I am making my arrangement 1 inch tall or a bit taller.  I held my carnation up to the wagon with a ruler and snipped the extra off.  Dip the end of the stem into glue and insert into the center of the wagon.

Next, we are going to define the triangle using the carnations.  Trim your wires to make the width of the arrangement you want.  You can take out the wire and trim again until you like it.

When you are satisfied, dip the end of the stem into glue and reinsert it.

The instruction books say we "fill in" with the other flowers.  O.K., let's fill in with the yellow and white daisies.  Not too many, we want to add more carnations and the filler leaves.
I put 3 daisies into the arrangement, each side.

I put a carnation in the center of the daisy trio, each side.

I added a daisy at each end of the wagon, each side.

I've started adding filler leaves, I bent some of the wires on the filler leaves to hang over the edge of the wagon.  I have filled in with a couple of more daisies and a carnation bud.
I don't know if you can see it, but I made a little yellow bow for the arrangement and inserted it off center.

I hope you have had fun making this arrangement and I hope this gives you a start on making more.

Have fun, expand on it, make it better, just keep making minis! ! !       Kris