Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Make a Dollhouse Miniature "Marble" Topped Wine Rack from Card Stock, Part 3

If you haven't got your 4 legs done, yet, you can go on to the marbling.

Everybody has a favorite way to marble and if you do, please use what you are comfortable with.  
This is yet another way to marble.

After you've got a good coat of white on the top you will use a charcoal pencil, extra soft, to make your lines.  I found a way to make the best random lines by accident.  I wanted to sharpen the charcoal pencil and draw nice sharp lines.  The charcoal kept breaking in the sharpener.  The pencil tip would have a broken tip, it had a nice sharp edge all around the broken tip.  Instead of drawing, pulling the pencil, I would roll the edge in a random pattern.  This gave me a thick and thin line with little variations in direction that I couldn't get by drawing that perfect line.  This worked out for me, try it out.  Don't forget to draw lines over the edges of the top.
 This is my top after I have my lines on, each time I do make the lines the top turns out differently.
I don't get too worried about the lines anymore, we just want to suggest marble.
This next thing we do is smudge the lines with your fingers, leave about 20% of the lines un-smudged.

Mix the Magnolia White with Americana's Glazing Medium, 50/50.

Use a small sponge to dip into the paint, blot off on  newspaper first; next blot over the lines you made on your top.

You are sinking the lines into the marble.  Don't cover up your lines,  just blot here and there.  

Let this dry.

To finish the top I apply a coat of Delta's PermEnamel Satin Glaze.  I let this dry and lightly sand it with 320 grit sand paper.  I apply a final coat of the satin glaze. 

When this coat is dry I buffed the top with a piece of crumpled brown paper bag.

Have you got 4 legs, yet? 

 Let's start gluing the legs on.  The legs are glued onto the underside of the apron, diagonally to the corners.
Apply glue to the apron and slide the flat top part of the leg to the corner.  Stop just before the curve of the leg touches the apron edge.  The back of the foot should be touching the corner of the wine bin.

Turn the table over and make sure the leg is in the center of the corner of the apron.

Glue the back of the foot to the corner of the wine bin.

Glue the rest of the legs on the same way.

Attach a sticky toothpick to the apron and go outside and spray your wine rack.

Center and glue your "marble" top on.  It's a good idea to clamp it on to keep everything flat.  Always use card stock between the clamps and your work to prevent marks.

These are my 2 tops, one has more lines it, they all come out different.


This is a picture of the finished table.  Fill the racks with wine bottles and place a display of fruit and cheese on top and I think we have a winner. 


 Have  fun, expand on it, make it better and just keep making minis.

Talk you all later, Kris