Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Make a Dollhouse Miniature "Marble" Topped Wine Rack from Card Stock, Part 2

During the time you are laminating the parts for your table you can be sealing the top for the marble finish.

I attach the top to a toothpick with sticky wax and use an acrylic finish.  I used Delta's PermEnamel Satin Glaze.  This will seal the cut edges and surface of the mat board.  I applied two coats, let these dry thoroughly.  I sanded using 320 grit sand paper and applied one more coat, nice and smooth.  Coat both sides; you can paint around the toothpick.  Let dry.

Another thing you can do is make the wine bins.  I made the bins from Coats & Clark Classic Crochet thread.  I tried other materials but the crochet thread worked best.  

Tape your card stock pattern to your table. 

 Tape a piece of waxed paper over the pattern.

 I found the easiest way to lay the thread on was to affix the tape to one end of the thread first.

Next, line up the thread and press the taped end down.

Pull the other end and tape it down.

Do one direction first then the other.

Use the yellow wood glue to glue where the thread crosses with itself.  Get between the layers of the thread and be neat.  It will count later.  Let this dry.

Before you take the wine bin off the pattern make marks on the thread where the pattern ends.  This will give us a guide to cut on.

Lift the waxed paper off the table and set it aside. 

Tape another piece of waxed paper over your pattern and make the second wine bin.

Are the 3 coats of satin glaze dry on your top, yet?  If they are you can give the top at least 3 coats of white paint.  I used Delta's Ceramcoat Magnolia White.  Paint 2 coats, both sides (around the toothpick), let dry thoroughly.  After the top is dry sand smooth, use 320 grit sand paper and apply another coat of paint.  If you think you need more coats, apply them. When you are satisfied sand lightly and give a smooth final coat of paint.  We want complete coverage.

You've got a lot of things going on right now, haven't you?  There are parts and pieces everywhere.

If your wine bins are made and the glue is dry carefully cut them away from the waxed paper.  If you have any glue globs at the crosses carefully cut them away.

Are your wine racks dry?  If they are we can assemble the bins into the racks.
You will probably have to trim, if you do, take a little bit off at a time, dry fit again, trim again.  When you get them to fit, glue the bins into the racks.  Glue the bins so that they are even with one side of the rack.  Let these dry.
Get the apron that you set aside earlier.  Cut a piece of mat board that fits in the center, between the long sides, on the underside of the apron.  Cut this piece of mat board 7/8" (23mm) wide.

Glue this piece of mat board to the center of the underside of the apron.

Measure and mark the center of this piece for later.  Set this aside again.

Glue 4 layers of 1/8" (3mm) card stock together, these strips should be at least 3" (71mm) long.

After the strips are glued together and dry measure and mark 4 pieces at 5/8" (16mm) long.

Cut these pieces and set them with the wine racks.

When the wine bins are dry, good and dry use a brush and black acrylic craft paint and paint the thread.  I spray painted my first table without doing this step and the spray paint made the thread fuzzy.  We are going to spray paint the table, but paint the thread first.  Let this dry.
Dry them on waxed paper with the flat side on the paper.  Don't leave them to dry like I have them here.

                            Are you making legs?

Get the wine racks and the little 5/8" (16mm) long strips together.  These little strips are to be glued; two at the bottom corners of the wine racks; I glued mine to the outside of the racks.  

The other 2 strips are glued a little higher, at the top of the second 1/2 diamond.  Let this dry. 

This assembly needs to be straight and square.

When the first side is done and has dried, glue the other side to it.

Glue the wine rack to the underside of the apron.  Center the rack side to side, front and back.  Set it down and check if the top is level.  Let Dry.

End of Part 2